Facial waxing

Brow Clean Up  $23

Brow Shaping  $30 

Upper Lip  $12 

Chin  $15

Cheeks  $15 

Side Burns  $22 

Nose  $12 

Full Face  $50 (Does not include brows)

Body waxing

Full Arm  $45

1/2 Arm  $35

Under Arm  $15

Full Leg  $70

1/2 Leg  $45

Women’s Lower Back  $25

Women’s Full Back  $40

Belly  $25

Bikini waxing

Bikini “AVA”  $35

Keeping up with AVA $30 (4-8 weeks after your last wax)

Tight-kini “LILY”  $45

Keeping up with LILY $40 (4-8 weeks after your last wax)

Brazilian “GISELE”  $60

Keeping up with GISELE $50 (4-8 weeks after your last wax)

Brazilian+  “ADRIANA”  $70

Keeping up with ADRIANA $60 (4-8 weeks after your last wax)

Backside Only “CANDICE” $15

Butt cheeks  $25

**NOTE: I named the Bikini waxes after some of my favorite models because after being in the industry a  while, I realized many women we’re calling in booking their “Brazilians” from the office at work or while out running errands (your co-workers don’t need to know your business ;). It can be slightly embarrassing for some women. Now you can be discreet when booking by referencing the names based on the type of wax appointment you’d like to book.

Men’s waxing

Men’s Full Back $60

Men’s Full Chest  $60


Full Leg + Brazilian  $105

1/2 Leg + Brazilian  $94

Full Leg & Brazilian+  $114

1/2 Leg & Brazilian+  $104