Lash Care

Important tips to extend the life of your extensions.

JUST SAY NO…to OIL! Avoid all oil based products including creams & makeup remover. 

HEY! STOP THAT! Do NOT pull or rub your lashes. Instead, gently brush them with a mascara wand. 

LEAVE IT TO ME! Do NOT attempt to remove your lashes yourself or you will risk losing your natural lashes. 

SEE YA MASCARA!! Yourlash extensions look gorge without it, you don’t need it!

AVOID H20! Do NOT wash your face for the first 24 hrs after your appointment.

Due to the lifecycle of your natural lashes, you will shed lash extensions similarly to your natural lashes. As such, it is recommended you come in for a fill every 2-4 weeks. #NOBARELASHES